TIP OF THE MONTH - When was your last System Checkup?
If you don't know the answer then it's probably well beyond the time for you to schedule a systems checkup. If you don't have a system now would be a great time to call or email us to discuss a state of the art security system.

Your home security systems is like any other complicated electrical device. Over time, mechanical problems can develop that are easily corrected on a timely basis. If undetected, they could compromise the integrity of your entire system.

For example, a blown fuse in a control panel could prevent an alarm from sounding. Other common problems that can only be discovered during a thorough inspection include:

  • frozen contacts
  • dead back-up batteries
  • rearranged furniture that affects motion detectors

    We urge you to call us to schedule a complete systems checkup. Call or email us now to disucss your security needs.